The MortgagePro Edge.

 We have the Edge over other Lenders!

   We are a Full-Service Lender with a Big Edge! What’s that Edge? We never turn down clients for loans they Qualify for! Here is a Little-Known Secret, Most Lenders in Tennessee Routinely Deny Loans to borrowers who Actually Qualify for that Loan according to the REAL Underwriting Guidelines of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA, Etc.

   Why Don’t All Lenders follow the REAL Guidelines? Simple they make more money selling Mortgages they originate with higher credit requirements. It’s Legal, Lenders can have more difficult Underwriting requirements then Required by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA, Etc.

   Do these Lenders offer more competitive rates because of their more difficult Qualification Standards? They’d like you to think so, but the answer is NO! Remember they like to make more money so they rates are second tier, Not Bad but Not Great either.

  Here is what is UNFAIR to Borrowers! The Lenders aren’t required to inform the client when the Loan is Denied based on the Lenders more difficult Underwriting Standards and that the Borrower Actually Qualify for the Loan under the REAL Underwriting guidelines.

xample FHA guidelines allow for a minimum credit score of 580 for a 96.5% loan. However they allow lenders and banks to set their own credit score requirements and additional underwriting requirements which are called Underwriting Credit Overlays. So many lenders have higher credit score requirements for FHA loans, typically a 640 score. As a consequence borrowers are denied for an FHA loan when the actually qualify under the REAL FHA Guidelines.

So, here’s our Promise at MortgagePro.

We will never make the loan process more difficult for our clients to make more money!

We will always offer our clients Top Tier Mortgage Rates!

MortgagePro underwrites to the REAl FHA guidelines without adding unnecessary overlay requirements.The same underwriting flexibility for USDA, VA loans with minimum credit scores of 580.

Home loans for poor credit borrowers  medical collections, bankruptcy or foreclosure. We can help clients straighten out past credit problems and offer solutions to help them avoid a repeat of past problems